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Programming Environment

GNUstep, OpenStep and Cocoa

If you are new to the OpenStep programming Environment you should probably check the following links to get a broad overview.

  • GNUstep Homepage:

    This is the official GNUstep homepage. Should be the first site to visit if you are new to GNUstep.
  • Apple Developer Page:

    A wealth of documentation and sample code. Also includes a decent introduction to Objective-C. Note that Cocoa is a successor of OpenStep that contains many additional classes. Not all of the information you will find here will also apply to GNUstep.

Articles, Tutorials, Reference Manuals


    A page that already existed in the early OpenStep days. Here you will find many useful articles and tutorials most of which will be fully applicable to GNUstep.
  • MacDevCenter:

    As the name already implies this page is focused on Cocoa. In spite of this you will find many tutorials here detailling the interesting aspects of OpenStep foundation classes.

Newsgroups and Mailing Lists

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